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Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco - Guava Kuava

Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco - Guava Kuava

By Jono / December 20, 2010

Once again, Al Tawareg has forced me to change my opinions on certain flavors of hookah tobacco. Before Al Tawareg, I never really liked hookah flavors such as apricot, banana split, pineapple and guava. However, this new line has amazing flavors that send their competition back to the minor leagues. The most recent hookah flavor to turn my head around is Al Tawareg Guava Kuava. Besides an intense true guava smell, you may also notice how thick the smoke is. It may be one of the thickest smokes yet from Al Tawareg. If you're familiar with guava shisha, you will love how sweet and "in your face" the taste is. There is also that traditional lite, bitter aftertaste you get from guava. At times, it was hard to tell whether I was smoking Fantasia Cactus Breeze or Al Tawareg Guava Kuava hookah tobacco. Although they have slightly distinct tastes, their flavors have enough in common to temporarily confuse your taste buds. If you love Al Tawareg Guava Kuava hookah tobacco like I do, you may also like Fumari Prickly Pear, Romman Ivory Coast or Starbuzz Tangerine Dream and vice versa.  Do you have any suggestions as far as what to mix with Guava hookah tobacco? Let me know. I'd love to hear about your favorite hookah mixes. Happy smoking!

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