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Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco - Bada Bing

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco - Bada Bing

By jono / June 16, 2011

Every new hookah tobacco flavor that comes out these days seems to be competing for some non-existent "Most Ambiguous Title" award. Sometimes hookah tobacco companies come up with these off the wall names and then grace us with a picture that provides a little insight into what flavor to expect. Such is the case with Tonic Bada Bing Hookah Tobacco - it has a picture of two old-timey gangsters in suits with a weapon Al Capone would likely carry. I can only assume they think this is one of those hookah flavors that just slaps you in the face with yuminess? Tonic Bada Bing is supposed to be some sort of mixed berries fruit mix. But there are too many fruits and berries in that guessing game, so we're going to have to do a little hookah field research. Ah! These are the moments I live for! Based on the way Tonic Bada Bing hookah tobacco smells, I would guess it had lemon, blueberry, and kiwi. But I've been wrong once or twice before. About 5 minutes into the hookah bowl, the flavors that seemed a little jumbled at first, slowly crept into focus. I definitely tasted blueberry, kiwi, and strawberry with hints of pomegranate as well. The whole time I was smoking Tonic Bada Bing I wanted to swap out the water in the base with Kiwi Strawberry Snapple just to add a little extra yowza! (Excuse me for a second while I check to see if yowza is a word...) It wasn't. Well, it was, but not exactly. Of all the new hookah flavors to hit the streets lately, Tonic Hookah Tobacco seem to be a brand I have been mentioning a lot lately. They've definitely made some improvements, in my opinion, and Tonic Bada Bing is just one example. Try it today and let us know what you think about it by posting on our Facebook page, or here in the comments below. We always look forward to hearing from you! Till next time...  keep those hookahs lit! Happy Smoking friends!

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