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Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco - French Kiss

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco - French Kiss

By Jono / May 20, 2011

What hookah flavors come to mind when you hear the words French Kiss? Mint, maybe. Cinnamon, perhaps. Possibly even Rose. But if you're sitting there thinking Turkish Coffee, you may want to offer some gum or mints to whomever you're kissing. Just a suggestion. Tonic now has a hookah tobacco flavor that combines mystery and complexity, which pretty much sums up my first kiss, and swirls them into one unique and delicious smoking experience. In delusive fashion, Tonic French Kiss hookah tobacco smells like a sweet melon tropical fruit blend. The taste, however, is quite different. What I get from smoking French Kiss, is a taste of sweet rose on the exhale with a brown sugar cinnamon aftertaste. How? I have no idea. But what I can tell you is that I really enjoyed this one.  I wouldn't have expected rose and brown sugar to mix so well, but Tonic French Kiss sure found a way to bring them together, which totally explains the name now!  Kinda. Ladies, go easy on me when I say this - but guys, you may want to invite your lady friend over, rent The Notebook, and smoke a little Tonic French Kiss hookah tobacco. Two words:  Brownie Points. That's a WIN WIN situation if I've ever seen one! Drop us a line on Facebook and let us know what you think about Tonic French Kiss. Happy Smoking friends!

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