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Hookah Tricks YouTube Contest Winners!

Hookah Tricks YouTube Contest Winners!

By Admin / October 19, 2009

And the results are in! But before we get into congratulating our hookah tricks winners, I would just like to thank everyone for their submissions. There were some really awesome submissions this year, and we hope for even more next year! You guys definitely let us know who you wanted to win, with an incredible 4,399 votes cast. On to the winners! In first place, with an astounding 2,104 votes, is video #8, by Serob Nagapetyan from Los Angeles, CA.

In this video, he shows us how to REALLY get into the Halloween spirit, by making a hookah (mostly) out of parts of an actual pumpkin, including using pumpkin juice instead of water. He then shows us his knowledge of a wide variety of hookah tricks. Excellent video! In second place, with 544 votes, is video #2.

Here, he makes a good looking "fruit punch" hookah, using a pineapple for the base, and fruit punch for the water. Looks delicious! In third place, with 436 votes, is video #5.

With a hilarious backing track, these guys take it to the road, filming most of their video in a car.  They also did some hookah innovating by turning one of my favorite drinks into a working hookah. Good job, guys! Again, I would like to thank ALL of our contestants for their submissions, and we are very pleased with all of you guys this year. Thanks for all the support, and check back in for our next contest!

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