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How To Add Hoses To Your One Hose Hookah

How To Add Hoses To Your One Hose Hookah

By katie / November 23, 2014

When it comes to functionality, you really can't beat a one hose hookah. When it comes to bad assery, however, it can't hurt to have a few extra tentacles on your favorite shisha pipe. Luckily, many of our hookah models have the ability to be transformed from a one hose to a multi-hose hookah in no time! This how-to video will walk you through a few simple steps to up your hookah's cool factor.

Step 1: Make sure you have a hookah that is in fact adaptable to accommodate multiple hoses. Nammor and Khalil Mammoon hookah are unfortunately not in this category, but Myas, Pharaohs, Sahara Smoke, and many other brands are. If you're not sure, then contact our customer service center, and they'll help you figure it out!

Step 2: Purchase as many hose adapters as you may need to add that many hoses. Adding one hose? Get one adapter! You can see all brands of hookah hose adapters here.

Step 3: Remove the purge valve from your hookah, and replace it will the additional hose adapter that matches your hookah. Voila! You have a multi-hose hookah!

Still need a little help? No problem. Our customer service team is happy to help walk you through it. Happy smoking!

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