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How To Clean a Non-Washable Hookah Hose

How To Clean a Non-Washable Hookah Hose

By Hookah Genie / May 29, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, not all the hoses we sell on are considered "washable" hoses. Unless you purchase a hose that explicitly says 'washable', you can be pretty sure that it is 'non-washable'. This means that there's an exposed metal coil on the interior of your hose - which is perfectly safe, but if put in direct contact with water, it can rust and your hose will no longer be useable. This, however, does not mean that your hose cannot or should not be cleaned. It certainly can and should be washed regularly. Basically, the term washable just means that water can be ran through the hose. This is why the large majority of the hoses that are washable are typically 100% plastic, with our Nammor Hoses being the great exception. This begs the question: how do you clean a non-washable hose?

Cleaning a Non-Washable Hookah Hose

This process, counter-intuitive though it may seem, may actually be easier than cleaning a washable hose. With washable hoses, you will want to rinse, clean and repeat thoroughly. Even in doing so, you might not be able to get all the gunk out of the hose because you can't actually scrub the inside of the hose.

Let Your Hookah Hose Hang Dry

If you have a coat rack or towel rack, this will work like a charm. All you will want to do is hang your hose up so that both of the openings are facing the floor. Naturally, you will also want to leave a towel or paper towel underneath the hose to catch any drippings that fall out. This method is effective only if you hang the hose immediately after smoking, as any buildup will still be wet enough to make its way out of your hose.


Swing it!

No, really. Find an isolated area outside, take your freshly used hose with you and swing it circles as fast as you can. The centrifugal force will help to expel any gunk inside your hose! After using this method, it's best to go ahead and let your hose hang dry (see step 1) afterward so any remaining buildup will drip out of the end of the hose. 

Use Compressed Air to Clean Your Hookah Hose

This is by far the most effective method for cleaning a non-washable hookah hose, the only drawback being that you will need access to an air compressor. If you do have access to one, fire that bad boy up! You can simply stick the end of the air compressor hose into the tip of your hookah hose and let 'er rip. The air will push out any gunk buildup inside your hose. A distinct advantage to using an air compressor is that this will also clean out any buildup that has been inside your hose long enough to harden inside, so you can even resurrect an old clogged hose with this method!

Do you have any other tips or tricks to cleaning your hookah hose? Share them with us in the comment section!

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