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Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones - A New Tobacco-Free Alternative from Hydro

Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones - A New Tobacco-Free Alternative from Hydro

By Grabertrain / March 28, 2012

Do you have the "stones" to try the new Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones? Following the trailblazing footsteps of the Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones, the makers of Hydro Hebal Shisha have come out with their own version of glycerin-injected shisha stones that produce smoke-free and ncotine-free delicious vapor. Much like other shisha steam stones on the hookah market, the Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones are porous rocks that have been treated with a glycerin and flavor fluid mixture that, when heated with hookah charcoal and passing through the cooling water, produces flavored vapor instead of smoke. If you're a fan of non-tobacco hookah alternatives, the owner of a hookah lounge in an area with an indoor smoking ban, or living outside of the United States and want to enjoy the taste of Hydro without the risk of any tobacco importation duties, then these are a must-try! Hydro took 10 of their most popular herbal flavors, including Blue Viper (a bold blueberry taste), Kali Drizzle (a potent grape bubblegum taste) and the newest and most popular Qing Rubus, which is a fantastic blue raspberry taste.  Just like the other hookah steam stones, these require the use of a Phunnel Hookah Bowl or a Vortex Hookah Bowl to get the best results. We hope you all enjoy! Happy Smoking!

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