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ICE ICE Hookah Sale

ICE ICE Hookah Sale

By SmokeOrPass / May 20, 2016

Have you already started to break out your shorts and tanks top? It's about that time of year again where we sweat and complain about how hot it is outside. Smoking hookah outdoors in Texas during the summer is the equivalent to setting up your hookah in an oven, and smoking inside of it while it's on. (Do not try this at home, r.i.p. intern#4) . Even if you don't have to experience the hot lava temperatures like we do, it's always nice to have a ice bucket hookah within your arsenal. We obliviously gravitate towards these stems for our outdoor sessions, but they're just as useful indoors when you're looking to cool down your smoke and rip those ice cold clouds. Since we're busting out our ice bucket stems for personal use, we thought it might be time for you to grab we marked them down. Below you'll see each category that contains chiller deals and frosty discounts, we hope you enjoy and avoid that hot smoke.

*In the words of Mr. Freeze "Tonight Hookah-Shisha will freeze."

*almost real quote*

Nammor Chiller Hookahs

These classic handmade Egyptian hookahs have the deepest discounts and arrive with a signature Nammor hookah hose, an Egyptian bowl, and a spacious ice bucket. Crafted with the use of solid brass these stems provide a solid structure, and contain a medium gauge downstem for a smooth smoking experience indoor or outdoor.

Khalil Mamoon Chiller Hookahs

You might've heard of this brand before and if you haven't the short story is that  Khalil Mamoon hookahs are known and smoked worldwide, and considered to be one of the originators of the Egyptian hookah design. Their chiller stems have enough space to cool any smoke session, and the color options of the Sadaf hookah will freeze your mind.

Ice Bucket Hookah Stems

If you don't want a pre-configured chiller hookah don't worry because we've got you covered within our Hookah shaft section. You can build your own ultra modern Starbuzz Atlantis Ice stem, or get fancy with the 45% off Nammor shafts and add a compatible base and hookah hose.

Freezeable Accessories

If it's not time for a new hookah but you know this summer heat is going to have an affect on your smoke session, check out our Hookah Accessories for some cool savings. You could equip your Sahara Smoke hookah with an Ice Chamber add-on, or add a chilling inhale to your hose with the Soguk Ice mouth tip and more!

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