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If an order arrives damaged, or breaks upon setup?

If an order arrives damaged, or breaks upon setup?

By christophanes / May 25, 2008

Despite the attention and care we devote to hand-packing each individual order, unforeseen circumstances while an order is in transit can damage the package contents. If something arrives damaged, follow these steps to ensure the fastest and most thorough service:

  1. Take pictures of the damaged item(s) with a digital camera or camera-phone for documentation
  2. Attach the digital pictures to an email
  3. Include a description of the problem in the email along with the order number (or invoice number) and the address to ship replacement parts to (if we decide the circumstances require items to be replaced or re-shipped)
  4. Send the email to After we receive the email, we'll reply back quickly to notify you of the actions we take or to request additional information.

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