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Introducing Starbuzz eJuice for eHookahs and Rechargeable eCigs!

Introducing Starbuzz eJuice for eHookahs and Rechargeable eCigs!

By Katie / October 30, 2013


Hold onto your butts, because worlds are colliding. Starbuzz Tobacco is the one of the world's premiere purveyors of delicious shisha flavors. Not too long ago, this fabulously famous brand introduced the Starbuzz Hookah Pen. These electronic, disposable hookahs come in 9 popular Starbuzz flavors and took the eCig world by storm! Starbuzz isn't done yet, though. We are proud to announce that we now carry the Starbuzz E-Juice for Refillable eHookahs. Starbuzz eJuice Blue Mist
Currently available in 10 popular Starbuzz flavors like Black Mint, Blue Mist, and Sex On The Beach. Each 30ml bottle is made up of a Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) mixed base. This mixture will allow for use in almost all types of refillable eHookahs, eCigs, and vaping devices.

Buy available Starbuzz eLiquid flavors here!

Starbuzz e-Liquid Black Mint - Minty black licorice Starbuzz e-Liquid Blue Mist - Sweet blueberry Starbuzz e-Liquid Golden Grape - White grape Starbuzz e-Liquid Grape Freeze - Sweet, minty grape Starbuzz e-Liquid Irish Peach - Peach bubble gum Starbuzz e-Liquid Pirates Cave - Lime skittles Starbuzz e-Liquid Pink - Rasberry lemonade Starbuzz e-Liquid Queen of Sex - Sweet citrus Starbuzz e-Liquid Safari Melon Dew - Honey dew melon Starbuzz e-Liquid Sex on the Beach - Orangey-lemon Starbuzz e-Liquid Simply Mango - Sweet mango Starbuzz e-Liquid Tangerine Dream - Creamy tangerine Starbuzz e-Liquid Tropicool - Tropical fruit mix with mint Starbuzz e-Liquid White Mint - Extra strong mint flavor

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