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Introducing the Hydra Hookah Bowl - We also made a video, it's at the bottom!

Introducing the Hydra Hookah Bowl - We also made a video, it's at the bottom!

By James Sweatman / March 4, 2016


Introducing the all-new Hydra Hookah Bowl! This amazing and innovative device is one of the world's first 3-in-1 hookah bowls ever created and, quite simply, this bowl is amazing. The Hydra Bowl will come with 3 different bowl inserts that will allow the bowl style to vary based the shisha being used or based on your desired airflow - it's all fair game! The bowl measures about 5" tall, and it can be used with any hookah.

The 3 Hydra bowl unglazed clay inserts include a traditional Egyptian style bowl, featuring 6 air pathways on the underside. The Vortex bowl insert provides a capped central spire with a 4-way air passage, providing a very evenly cooked session. The third and final bowl insert is one of our favorites - the phunnel bowl insert. This insert is crafted for the juicer shisha tobaccos out there; the single center spire prevents any juices from leaking into your hookah stem.

The clay inserts are extremely easy to use, simply slide the hookah insert of your choice into the interior of the silicone bowl sleeve and it's hookah time! From there, the bowls should be packed according to the respective bowl design chosen. When you're using the standard inserts that arrive with the Hydra bowl, we recommend tin foil as your heat management device. The Kaloud Lotus can be used with the large clay inserts because they rest on the top of the bowl, and have a diameter larger than 3".

The silicone used to create the Hydra Bowl is high quality and does not retain heat, making for an easy on-and-off your hookah in the event that coals need to be swapped out or you just want to re-adjust the bowl on top of the hookah without the imminent risk of burning off your fingers. There is also no need for a hookah bowl grommet when using the Hydra bowl, as the silicone material provides a snug fit atop any hookah setup.

Already Sold? Pick up the Hydra Bowl Here!

Looking to use the Kaloud Lotus?

By default, the Hydra bowls come with 3 medium-sized inserts that can rock up to about 25 grams of shisha per session, and can give you a solid hour and a half or more with the proper heat management. The amount of shisha used will vary depending on the style of insert you use, and how you prefer to smoke. This setup is enough to satisfy the cravings of any hookah smoker. However, if you're a "Go Big or Go Home" hookah smoker, you may need the large inserts. The large ceramic bowl inserts are slightly wider than the mediums with more depth, allowing for much more shisha storage in excess of 30 grams per bowl. The large ceramic insert will be the only way to use the Kaloud Lotus with the Hydra Bowl, as the ceramic plate rest on top of the bowl rather than inside. The silicone sleeve is very sturdy but is still able to stretch, allowing for the perfect fit from the medium or large bowl inserts.

But wait.... THAT'S NOT ALL

The Hydra bowl also offers a sleek glow in the dark option for their unique hookah bowl, which is sure to add a bit of extra flair to any hookah session. Glow in the dark hookah bowls make great party bowls and provide an added bit of flash to any hookah. This awesome spectacle shows off the Pharaoh's logo adornments that run along all 4 sides of the silicone sleeve. And not to mention, during the daytime, your Hydra bowl will be a simple white version of the bowl.

Checkout The Hydra Bowl In Action

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