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It's a Regal World

It's a Regal World

By Joe Perin / March 3, 2016

Regal hookahs available at hookah-shisha

We're just living in it (so keep it clean)

Born in the towering mountains of Colorado, the Regal Hookah team had a dream of combining the tradition of ancient hookah pipes with modern designs and environmentally friendly production. Now located in Southern California, Regal Hookah is dedicated to producing some of the highest quality hookahs on the market; using a local workforce and only the highest quality American materials, each and every Regal hookah is a work of art.

Regal Pine Prince Shaft

The Regal Hookah company came to be in Boulder, Colorado, a town nestled among a gorgeous landscape. The Regal team loves nature and is dedicated to running a business that keeps the environment in mind. In keeping with this goal, Regal makes their hookahs to last - the wood used in their hookahs comes from trees that were felled naturally, not cut down by man. The stainless-steel in each Regal will never varnish, and the aluminum they use will never rust. These are hookahs built to go the distance. While almost every manufacturing process on Earth produces waste, Regal is determined to dispose of theirs in a responsible manner - their metal fabricators recycle any excess aluminum and all the extra wood stain is reused in thinner.

Regal Black Hub

Regal Hookah started out using beetle-kill pine for the wood in their hookahs; these trees were, as the name suggests, killed by beetles. The wood features a unique and beautiful blue stain which comes from a fungus the beetles carry, and makes each Regal hookah unlike any other hookah in the world. Regal now also makes hookahs using redwood and walnut, offering customers a wider variety of beautiful hardwood hookahs. The wood on every Regal hookah is expertly sealed, stained, and sealed again to make certain the quality of the color and the wood will last a lifetime.

Regal Melech Hookah Redwood Anubis

Each Regal sports a solid stainless-steel downstem, one of the most popular materials for downstems in the hookah industry due to its durability and inability to retain smoke flavors. The rest of the metal on every Regal hookah is precisely cut using CNC lathe machines, which cut metal with incredible detail and accuracy - up to one ten-thousandth of an inch. Regal anodizes the metal on all their hookahs, this process gives the metal a classic look that prevents rust and produces no hazardous waste!

So if you're looking for a high quality hookah, made with the best materials, artistically designed, and built with the well being of the environment in mind, then a Regal hookah sounds right for you!

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