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Jumbo Charcoal Holder: lighting natural hookah coals in centrifugal style!

Jumbo Charcoal Holder: lighting natural hookah coals in centrifugal style!

By Christophanes / March 26, 2009

So you have a hookah party planned, or perhaps just an all-night marathon session.  For these, and any other reasons that you'd like to get lots of natural hookah coal a'glowin quickly, here's an old trick that's sure to impress. Do be careful, of course - we needn't remind you that coal is quite hot, and you'll definitely want to do this outdoors! Coal requires air for combustion, just like a candle flame or any other sort of combustion. The idea behind this trick is providing coal with an abundance of oxygen - more air rushing over the coals means hotter coals faster.  If you've ever blown on the hot coals of a camp or cooking fire to raise the temperature or coax a flame from embers, you're familiar with the idea. Hookah charcoal is no different, and will use the additional air to generate more heat. You'll want to begin by starting a few - just three or four - natural coals in your usual fashion (with a coal heater, your stove, or those pyrokinesis skills you've been working on). Pile the desired amount of coal into the Jumbo coal holder, and toss in the few glowing pieces. I like to shake the coal a bit, so the fully glowing pieces are dispersed throughout the unlit ones. Holding the Jumbo Charcoal Holder to your side, with your hand parallel to your body (with your thumb facing forwards, instead of your body), start swinging the coal holder back and forth, until the coal holder swings in front of you and behind you to 90 degrees. Rather than moving air over the coals, you're moving coals through the air, providing them with plenty of oxygen to get going. If you absolutely, positively must have a roaring pile of hot, glowing coals, you can swing the holder in full circles continuously. You'll be able to hear the crackle as the coal gulps oxygen to feed the flames, and after a minute you'll notice the previously unlit coals beginning to glow. Once a fair portion of the coals (about 1/3 of them) are glowing nicely, the rest of the coals will start in time. You now have a mountain of glowing coal at your disposal!


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