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Khalil Mamoon Hookahs: Week-Long 15-20% off All KM Hookahs Sale!

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs: Week-Long 15-20% off All KM Hookahs Sale!

By Grabertrain / November 6, 2013
Howdy Friends, we're happy to announce a Khalil Mamoon Hookah sale! If you're a KM fan that's looking to add to your collection, or a first-time buyer that's looking for a quality Egyptian hookah, now's your chance to pick one up on the cheap!For the next week, you can take up to 20% off of any Khalil Mamoon Hookah in our store! This KM sale expires at the end of the day on Monday, November 11th. While you're here, below are three featured Khalil Mammoon hookahs that have recently come back into stock which may pique your interest. Enjoy!
Khalil Mamoon Hookah Sale

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Khalil Mamoon Lotus Hookah

At 33 inches tall, this hookah has a beautiful glass base featuring a painted lotus blossom (hence the name). Simple yet elegant, the Lotus hookah comes with a signature hose with an extra-long handle and all the hubbly bubbly accouterments Khalil Mamoon's are known for.

Khalil Mamoon Imhotep Hookah

You may be familiar with the "single pear" and "double pear" styles of KM hookahs, but this is currently the only one we carry with a a "triple pear" stem. Named after the ancient Egyptian physician and architect, this visually impressive hookah stands a full 42 inches tall with a stem sporting an ice chamber at the top. It also comes with a "classic" KM hose, which has felt wrapped around the handle and heel.

Khalil Mammon Ozomah Hookah

"Welcome and take it easy" is what is painted on the base in Arabic. This unique 34 inch model features a gold and silver stem (a "bi-metal" design, if you will) and a green KM "rainbow" hose, which has a colorful threaded wrapping around the handle. Take it easy with this emerald smoke machine that's as smooth-smoking as it is stunning!


 Happy Smoking!


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