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Khalil Mamoon Hose

Khalil Mamoon Hose

By Katie / November 6, 2014

The Best Khalil Mamoon Hose For Your Hookah

If you know hookahs, then you know that Khalil Mamoon is one of the top rated hookah manufacturers in the world.  When you have the perfect hookah, you want the perfect accessories. So, what is the best Khalil Mamoon hose? As usual, we are here to tell you!

Khalil Mamoon Standard Hose

standard khalil mamoon hose

The Khalil Mamoon Standard hoses come in solid colors, and measure about 6 feet (72 inches) in length. As the name suggests, these are the most basic KM hoses, but  that does not mean they are lacking in quality. The wide-bored handle allows for smooth and easy airflow, and helps you achieve those monster clouds. These great hoses will fit on virtually any hookah! Since these particular hoses are not technically washable, we have created a separate blog teaching you how to clean a non-washable.

Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose

khalil mamoon hose rainbow

The KM Rainbow Hose automatically comes with with nearly all the full Khalil Mamoon hookahs we carry. The hookah kits are set up in such a way that the Rainbow Hose will match the base of the hookah you ordered. So, if you ordered a Khalil Mamoon hookah with a blue base, you would receive a blue Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose.

Khalil Mamoon Glitter Hose

khalil mamoon hose glitter

The KM Glitter Hose is extremely popular because...glitter! The Khalil Mamoon Glitter Hoses are also the only KM hoses that are fully washable, giving them a distinct advantage over the other KM hoses featured on our website. Be careful smoking these late at night, fellas. If you come home with glitter all over you, be sure to tell your girlfriend, “Don’t worry, it was just the hose!”

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