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Khalil Mamoon Vase Replacements

Khalil Mamoon Vase Replacements

By Katie / November 10, 2014

Did you know that you can replace the base on your Khalil Mamoon hookah? The Khalil Mamoon vases are the most unique vases we carry on our website. There are over 40 designs to choose from! Our Khalil Mamoon hookah vases will fit virtually any Khalil Mamoon or large Egyptian hookah. Each individual vase is painted by hand, so even 2 vases with the same design will be unique from one another. The designs range from tie dye to Egyptian gods and/or royalty!

km hookah vase

If your Khalil Mamoon gets a little stale or you get tired of seeing the same old thing every day, you don’t need to purchase an entirely new hookah! The most cost-effective way of getting a fresh new-looking KM would be to simply upgrade the vase. Even better, if you do happen to have multiple Khalil Mamoon hookahs, you can always mix and match the vases.

If you don’t have a Khalil Mamoon hookah - and you’re wondering if a Khalil Mamoon vase will fit your particular hookah, just give us a call or chat in on our website with the measurements of your downstem and we can help you find the perfect fit for you! Here are just a few of our wide variety of KM Vase options:

khalil mammoon vases

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