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Lavoo Hookahs - Introducing the Lavoo MP1X Hookah

Lavoo Hookahs - Introducing the Lavoo MP1X Hookah

By Grabertrain / April 3, 2013

How's THIS for a hookah? What you're looking at the Hookah Lover's wet dream, the Lavoo MP1X Hookah, quite possibly the coolest looking hookah we have in our store. If anything could be called the Mercedes of hookahs, this would be it. Modernity, innovation, & world-class design come together to make this paragon of hookah perfection. Like the other Lavoo Hookahs, the body is made of hand-blown laboratory grade glass, and this one has a cool metal stand to support it. It comes with a black washable plastic hookah hose, but you can pretty much use any hose you like. There's even a small chamber at the top near the bowl that you can put ice in if you so choose. The product picture above doesn't do this hookah justice, so here's some awesome Instagram photos from the manufacturer:
Pretty cool huh? Click here to get more details and to purchase. Happy Smoking!  

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