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Let the Good Times roll with Romman's most popular shisha flavor!

Let the Good Times roll with Romman's most popular shisha flavor!

By Christophanes / February 14, 2009

"Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez" in French, and the name of one of my favorite songs by the Cars, "let the good times roll" is a fitting benediction to a bowl of one of the top 'must-try flavors' of the shsiha world:  Romman's Good Times.

Having smoked innumerable bowls of this delicious shisha since my first trip to a hookah lounge years ago, I can tell when a package of Good Times is opened within feet of me by the enticing aroma alone.   Good Times is a citrus-mint combination;  some say the tobacco smells like Fruit Loops cereal on steroids, but all agree about one thing: it's delicious!  As Romman is one of our Premium tobacco brands, and Good Times is one of those flavors that deserves proper treatment, we recommend a natrual coal (Coco Nara are my favorites!) for the cleanest, optimal flavor and peak smoke production.  If you're in a flavor rut and bored of the same old thing, or brand-new to hookahs in search of suggestions, or simply someone who has been missing out on this spactacular flavor - tarry no more!  Try Romman's Good Times shisha, and discover for yourself why "Good Times" is the most appropriate name for this shisha flavor.

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