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Multiple-Headed Hookah Bowls - The Hydra of Hookah Bowls

Multiple-Headed Hookah Bowls - The Hydra of Hookah Bowls

By Grabertrain / September 12, 2012

Lil Jon knows what's up. Or does he?

Multiple headed hookah bowls. Out of all the hookah accessories sold in our store, these seem to receive the most polarizing reviews, which range anywhere from “this is the best type of hookah bowl ever!” to “this is a colossal waste of shisha and time!” The hookah traditionalists scream “blasphemy!” while many of the hookah party crowd sees them as ideal for long-lasting sessions with multiple smokers.

Multi-head hookah bowls are available in a Double Head Hookah Bowl, Triple Head Hookah Bowl, and a Quadruple Head Hookah Bowl. Fan of the Vortex Hookah Bowl? We've got you covered, you can get a Double Vortex Bowl and a Triple Vortex Bowl as well.

First off, a little how-to on using these bowls. There are basically 2 ways: a) Use all heads at once, or b) Use one head at a time, moving the coals to the next bowl as soon as the current one is cashed. If you're smoking your hookah using method b, it requires a little bit of "foil shuffling" to keep it air tight. What this means is that any head that is not being used will need to be covered in un-poked foil. Once one head is cashed, you'll need to poke holes in the foil of the next one and move the coals over, and then cover the cashed head with a fresh sheet of (un-poked) foil. Tedious? Perhaps, but if you've got the patience, many of our customers swear by this method to get a super-long smoking session.

If you're using method a, you can either fill each head with a different flavor for a nice, cloudy mixture, or all heads with the same flavor.

Let's look at the pros and cons, shall we?

The Pros:

Great for parties and hookah get-togethers with a large number of people. The extra smoke produced means less stopping and starting to replace the bowl.

Works great with multiple hosed hookahs: Have a three hosed hookah? Use a 3 headed bowl and everyone can pull at once and get thick smoke, whereas normally there's a battle for smoke distribution when using one bowl, resulting in thin smoke for everyone.

They look f^%$* cool!

The Cons:

Can't use a wind cover.

Uses more shisha and coals per session - not too advantageous for the budget-wary hookah smoker.

You have to pay more attention to heat management. If you have 3 heads going at once, for example, you'll need to be 3 times more attentive to the coals so the smoke is not harsh.

I'm sure I've omitted some details somewhere, so feel free to comment below with your opinion on these bowls, or if you have some packing and smoking techniques you'd like to share, please do! As always, Happy Smoking!

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