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My Vortex Bowl Makes My Kaloud Lotus Wobble

My Vortex Bowl Makes My Kaloud Lotus Wobble

By Katie / February 28, 2014

 A Quick DIY Fix

The new generation of Vortex Bowls are a sleek product that produce a wonderful smoke. Unfortunately, some of them have a slight fault in their design that causes an incompatibility with the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System. The Vortex's center spire can be slightly higher than the outer rim, causing the Lotus to wobble. If this is the case with your Vortex Bowl, don't fret! There is a very simple fix that only requires a sheet of aluminum foil. This video will walk you through a few simple steps:


1. Take a piece of aluminum foil that is long enough to wrap around the outer rim of the bowl.

2. Fold the foil to be approximately 1-inch wide.

3. Wrap foil around outer rim, creating an elevated exterior that will allow the Lotus to sit above the center rim.


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