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Mya Mozza Hookah: Turn a Wine Bottle into a Hookah Base!

Mya Mozza Hookah: Turn a Wine Bottle into a Hookah Base!

By Grabertrain / December 8, 2009

Howdy Hookah friends, we got the Mya Mozza Hookah in stock the other day (which is awesome by the way!) and one of the features is that the stem will fit on a standard wine bottle. Being the oenophiles that we are, we just had to try it out. Did it work? You betcha! Here we've recreated the process for you to follow so you can be the hit of your next wine tasting party.

To make this setup you'll need the following:

1. Mya Mozza Hookah Kit

2. An empty wine or Champagne bottle

3. Tape (if necessary)

The black grommet that fits over the Mozza glass may be a little too thick, and if so you'll need something thinner. If you have an extra Mya bowl grommet handy then place it about halfway down the neck and that should do the trick. If not, a little bit of tape (electrical or other) will work just as well. Keep in mind that putting a little tape over the neck of the bottle is just to ensure an airtight seal and may or may not be necessary, depending on the width of the bottle neck you are using. Before doing anything, place the center hub of the Mozza over the top of the bottle to test the air tightness - if you feel any wiggle room, a couple passes around the middle of the neck with tape should seal it up perfectly. Some Champagne bottles have a "lip" that the Mozza hub should seal over without any additional padding.

You're going to want to fill the bottle about half way up with water. If you're so bold (and of legal drinking age), you can add a little wine to the mix for an added twist. Make sure the downstem is submerged at least a half an inch in the water! Place the center hub over the top of the bottle and make sure that it's secure with no air leaks. Lastly, attach the main stem and bowl and bam! You're good to go!

One more thing to be aware of: The footprint of a standard wine bottle is only about 3 inches in diameter, which makes this setup prone to tip over if you're not careful. So, in short, be careful! Be safe, and happy smoking!

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