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Mya Obelisk Hookah - Featured Hookah Pipe

Mya Obelisk Hookah - Featured Hookah Pipe

By Seamus / February 25, 2010

In ancient Egypt Obelisks stood as majestic tributes, often at the entrance of pyramids, to the Sun God Ra, whose creation myth is directly tied to the four sided pillar and was believed by many to live in the ancient stone monuments. While our Mya Obelisk Hookah is not inhabited by a God, it is worthy of otherworldly praise. The Pyramid base draws directly from its Egyptian heritage and is highlighted by silver swirls to add a regal accent. The shaft reaches to the sky with intricate detail as if trying to touch the sun. If you were to place this hookah on your mantle it may be mistaken for a well-preserved artifact from a Pharaoh's tomb; but for all the Obelisk's style it smokes like a freight train. The pyramid shape of the base has tremendous volume which allows for great smoke buildup and contributes to its luxurious smoke.  But, the true secret weapon is the internal design of the shaft: Wide and long, designed to produce the maximum amount of smoke with the least amount of effort.  The great height and width allows for ample time for the smoke to cool from bowl to lips with the easiest possible way to get it there.  Like the mummy inside the gold coffin, the ingenuity of this hookah is what you do not see. Built to accommodate four hoses, the Obelisk the will be the highlight of any social gathering and once you have removed it from its sectioned hard case, you will quickly have a royal court.

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