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Mya Quadrus Hookah - New Hookah from Mya Saray with a Bohemian Crystal Base

Mya Quadrus Hookah - New Hookah from Mya Saray with a Bohemian Crystal Base

By Grabertrain / September 20, 2012
Any guesses as to what the above picture is? Some sort of glass flower? A closeup picture of an ice crystal? A hydrogen atom as seen through an electron microscope?
Actually this is the top view of the base for the Mya Quadrus Hookah, which is quite possibly one of the classiest hookahs ever to grace our inventory.

Every so often we get a hookah in our online store that is so awesome that all the employees have to come and see for themselves. This, my friends, is one of those hookahs. Mya Saray has outdone themselves and created a hookah that epitomizes pure sophistication. Just in case you're unaware, Mya Saray Hookahs are machine-made using exacting tolerances featuring the highest quality materials available, including this exquisite hand-cut bohemian crystal base made in the Czech Republic and detailed Cloisonné enamel work on the Hookah Hose handles.
The Mya Quadrus Hookah is available in 2 colors of stems, one made of 100% brass and the other of 100% stainless steel, both with single and double hose versions available. To quote Jono, our photographer who couldn't wait to purchase it and smoke it when he got home: "The base reminds me of those old liquor bottles you'd see in a James Bond film or TV's Mad Men. This smoking experience is all about style - you may even feel like putting on a tie! I literally had the best smoking experience of my life!"
Trust us, we're not just blowing smoke, this hookah is the shizzle!
Mya Quadrus (1 hose) Hookah
Mya Quadrus (2 Hose) Hookah

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