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Nammor Hookahs: New Fall Model Extravaganza part 3

Nammor Hookahs: New Fall Model Extravaganza part 3

By Grabertrain / October 10, 2012

What you see above, my friends, is the Nammor Beacon Hookah, which at almost 4 feet in height is as tall as 6 Mya Petite Hookahs stacked on top of each other!

This is the last week of unveiling of our new fall models of Nammor Hookahs, and as promised we've saved the best for last! in case you're just joining us, here's a recap of the previous introductions:

Part 1

Part 2

All right, back to the goods - the Nammor Beacon Hookah up there has the proud distinction of being the tallest hookah available in our store. "That thing will tip over so easily!" you may be saying to yourself. Rest assured, my shisha smoking friends, that the large Cleopatra glass base the (surprisingly lightweight) stem securely fits in (grommet-style) is as sturdy as they come. A Hookah Home can also be used if you're the extra cautious type :)

Let's look at the last 2 Hookahs that we're very proud to carry the Nammor name:

Nammor Siren (1 hose) Hookah

The Nammor Siren Hookah gets the award for the 2nd tallest hookah available in our store at a towering 46 inches. In case you haven't noticed yet I'm a fan of mythology and astronomy, hence many of the Nammor hookahs having starry designs and names with celestial and mythological themes. In this case, the Siren Hookah is named after the singing temptresses from Greek mythology. You won't end up in peril by being seduced by the Siren, rather you'll experience hookah Elysium!


Nammor Zenith (1 hose) Hookah

Bringing up the rear, both list-wise and alphabetically, is the Nammor Zenith Hookah. This hookah has a simple, plain silver design of the stem and comes with the option of 4 base/hose colors. The Zenith Hookah is 41 inches tall and smokes beautifully (if I do say so myself). Everything you could ask for in an Egyptian hookah is right here, and comes with a personal recommendation!


That's it folks, we hope the owners of any of these 9 hookahs will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed designing them. If you still don't like what you see but want the enjoy the quality of Nammor, we have 22 others to choose from with diverse sizes and designs.  Until next season when we introduce our winter/spring models, we wish you happy smoking!

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