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New eJuice! Pink Spot eLiquids

New eJuice! Pink Spot eLiquids

By Katie / February 13, 2014


Pink Spot E-Juice are our newest eJuice and they definitely live up to the hype! Using all natural ingredients and made in the USA, these eLiquids are comprised of  a 60/40 blend of kosher-grade VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). These are the gourmet, fancy pants, pinky-out-at-tea-time kinda ecig liquid that come in 4 different levels of nicotine.

- No nicotine: 0mg - Extra Low: 6mg nicotine - Low: 12mg nicotine -High: 24mg nicotine

Pink Spot eliquids with nicotine use 99.86% pure pharmaceutical-grade nicotine that complies with EU6.0 standards. All Pink Spot flavors comes in 12ml bottles and are all natural with no artificial colors.

There are over 60 flavors of Pink Spot ejuice to choose from! See all of the flavors here. These are a few flavor highlights to give you an idea of what you'll be getting:

Based on their very popular Pink Spot and Blu Spot flavors, Pink Spot G-Spot combines grape flavors with the "Spot" combo of lime and pineapple. (Pink spot features raspberry, pineapple and lime; Blu Spot is the same combination, but with blueberry).
Pink Spot Choco Loco Tobacco is another one of their tobacco blend e-liquid flavors. If you like chocolate, give this one a try.  
Pink Spot has also shaken up a variety of delicious cocktail flavors. Pink Spot Lemon Drop brings tangy citrus flavors to your atomizer. Pink Spot Cocktail E-Juices contain no alcohol (duh).
 Pink Spot RY8 is one of Pink Spot's tobacco blend flavors, mixing tobacco and buttery caramel flavors. Smooth and creamy, with a nice subtle caramel flavor, and big clouds! Go for the higher nicotine levels if you're looking for a stronger throat hit.

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