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New Hookah Hose - A "Magical Mystery" of a Great Hose!

New Hookah Hose - A "Magical Mystery" of a Great Hose!

By grabertrain / May 22, 2009

Direct from Egypt comes our latest addition to our wide selection of hookah hoses - we call it the Magical Mystery Hookah Hose because, well, it's a mystery as to what you'll get!  Each of these high-quality hoses are individually hand-stitched from a variety of fabric patterns, painted with a variety of colors, and adorned with brightly colored acrylic beads in the mouthpiece.   The hose itself (apart from the handle) is also crafted with a cornucopia colorful and unique patterns.  The entire hookah hose measures about 80 inches in length, give or take a few inches (remember these are all hand made) and also have the longest handle of any hookah hose we carry - 20 inches long.   Don't be The Fool on the Hill, say Hello Goodbye to these new hoses and smoke some Strawberry Fields Forever!

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