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New Nirvana Shisha Tobacco Flavors - October 2015

New Nirvana Shisha Tobacco Flavors - October 2015

By Danny / October 28, 2015
New Nirvana Super Shisha Flavors

Nirvana, the shisha brand that brings the buzz by mixing Dokha pipe tobacco into their blends, has just released a batch of new flavors and we've got ALL of them for you here at If you'd like a little preview of these 12 new flavors before you make a purchase check out our quick reviews of each of the new flavors below.

Nirvana LeMatrix Hookah Flavor Review

Red pill or blue pill, we know it's a tough choice but smoking Lematrix is a very easy decision. This matrix is a little tangy, and it comes from a strong base profile of a sugary lemon. The flavor strength from the shisha aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water, and once we started smoking it became very reminiscent of a sweet almost lemonade flavor. If you're a fan on lemon flavors, plug-in and get ready for a lemon explosion.

Nirvana Optimus Lime Hookah Flavor Review

Nirvana didn't play around with too many citrus flavors in their previous collection, but this time around they definitely pleased the sour taste buds. Optimus Lime is a powerful amount of lime, with a forefront of sweetness. After two sessions of this flavor, we prefered a heavier packed bowl for more of  sour bite, and our final session we added some mint for a spectacular finish. We'd like to see what the decepticons come up with, but in the meantime this sour lime will conquer all lime flavors. Autobots roll out.

Nirvana Drunk Cowboys Hookah Flavor Review

This is one of those flavors that gives no indications as to what the flavor might be, but you just want to smoke it out of curiosity. We believe this is going to be a flavor that gets talked about quite a lot, and it caters to fans strong mints. The goal for this flavors was a strong and stout mint, and what did we receive? One phenomenal mint experience, it's extremely smooth with a mellow touch that we believe comes from honey. The Drunk Cowboys mint strength is strong, but you won't have to pace yourself with this mint, it's clean and smooth all the way through.

Nirvana 'It's Kind Of Small Gabe' Hookah Flavor Review

This maybe one of the strangest names we've ever seen for a shisha flavor, but then again it comes from the Nirvana team and they're always up to something. It's kind of small Gabe, has delighted many smokers in our office with a balanced blend of creamy cinnamon and warm sugar. We enjoyed this flavor with a little more heat, which allowed for a stronger presence of the warm cinnamon taste and the cream aspect is perfect. We have this flavor in the category of a mixer, it's the right amount of unique flavors to make the mind wander.

Nirvana Frank The Tank Hookah Flavor Review

Starting off as a Youtube reviewer, HookahFrank has helped many people in the hookah industry with helpful reviews and tutorials. Now he has his very own flavor, that smell almost identical to his actual scent, tangy. The Frank the tank flavor combines two bright citrus fruits, grapefruit and tangerine. Once you open this jar make sure not to eat any of the shisha, despite how amazing the aroma smells. When someone spends most of their time testing out flavors, it only makes sense that their first flavor is a knockout.

Nirvana Frog In A Blender Hookah Flavor Review

This new round of flavors from Nirvana shows that they are testing out new possibilities with their tobacco, and this collection brings us the first tea based super shisha flavor. Frog In a Blender utilizes spices, which is something that Nirvana knows how to use very well, but this is just the backnote for this flavor. The forefront inhale and exhale will reward you with a classic Earl Grey flavor, and if you know the taste of this tea, just imagine it with a couple spoons of sugar. We're glad they stepped out of the box for this flavor.

Nirvana Bugly Fitch Hookah Flavor Review

If Earl Grey isn't your cup of tea (pun totally intended), then check out this Bugly Fitch for a calming yet buzzy smoke session. Bugly Fitch is another new avenue of flavor for Nirvana, with their very first chai based flavor. The chai flavor isn't as mellow as most chai's on the market, but we're thinking that there may be a little bit of sweeten creamier involved with this cup of fun. The Bugly Fitch is prettier than we thought, but maybe it's the dohka speaking.

Nirvana It's About To Get Weird Flavor Review

Open this jar up, pass it around and see if you and your friends can guess what the secret flavor is inside. We're still scratching our head about what's inside, but who cares because there's also some mint involved and a lot of it. We have a pretty solid guess that the secret ingredient is apart of the brighter fruit family with a dash of vanilla, and there is also cool spice to pair with the mint flavor. So tell your friends, It's about to get weird, and see if they can handle this cold and spicy secret.

Nirvana Raspberried Hookah Alive Flavor Review

One of the few flavors that speaks to it's flavor profile, Raspberried Alive is exactly what it sounds like, being buried alive in Raspberries. This of course is the actual red berry, as opposed to someone blowing on your stomach, because that's just weird. The raspberry flavor does not contain any sour notes, but instead they went with a sweet raspberry that begins with smooth inhales and rapidly becomes stronger. If you're a fan of red berries then you don't want to pass this up, add a little mint or citrus to really set this flavor off.

Nirvana Spaceman Bill Hookah Flavor Review

If you've watched the stars at night or movies about space, then you probably have a good idea of what space looks like, but have you ever tasted space? We haven't either but Nirvana is taking a stab at it with Spaceman Bill, and their final decision is that space taste just like a sweet fruit cocktail. We picked up life forms similar to melons and peaches, and since then we've tried to confirm this knowledge with NASA but we haven't heard back. So if you're a lover of Space or just fruit flavors in general, give ole Spaceman Bill a shot, he won't steer you wrong.

Nirvana Weapon Grade Mint Hookah Flavor Review

Please proceed with caution, Weapon Grade Mint has been formulated for mass destruction of the nasal cavities and taste buds. Containing a top notch level of peppermint, menthol, and ice from Antarctica, this mint is guaranteed to make the eyes water. Pack this bowl a little higher and prepare to cry for mom, or play it easy and fluff pack for a bone chilling experience. The menthol flavor that comes through on the shisha, does not play into the smoke flavor because the natural mint and peppermint take over this session. At one point during the session, our smoke rings turned into ice cubes.

Nirvana Ants In My Head Hookah Flavor Review

Have you ever felt like something wasn't right in your head? Could it be ants, or just the cravings for a good head buzz? If it's ants you should probably get that checked out, but when it comes to fulfilling the need of a nice buzz be sure to check out Ants In My Head for a nice blend of fruits. We believe the rich sweetness that filled the room came from a blend of white grape, citrus notes, a few red berries, and a splash of something mellow. Your mind will wander for days trying to pinpoint them all, but you'll forget about any worries or pesky insects.

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