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New Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

New Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

By Danny / March 9, 2015

We've just received two new, and unique, styles of quicklight hookah charcoal that we think are worthy of a closer look. First up is the newest addition to Fantasia's Air-Flow line of coals. These are the first quick-lighting coals to be added to the unique Air-Flow line. Second up is a very unique new product called CharcoBlaze. CharcoBlaze is the first brand we've found to make quick-lighting coal from coconut husks. Most every quality natural coal on the market these days is made from coconut husks. Read on to learn more about these two exciting new additions to the hookah world.

Fantasia Air-Flow Quick Light Hookah Coals

Fantasia's original Air-Flow coals are still one of the most innovative and original designs in the world of hookah charcoal. They are designed to sit up above your foil, which allows for air to flow under and around your coals. Anyone who has ever had the bottom of their natural coals go black during a session understands how this feature could be very helpful.

These new Fantasia Air-Flow Quick-Light coals are the exact same shape as the originals but light up faster and do not require a constant heat-source. To use these coals simply apply heat (a cigarette lighter works great) until you see the coal start to spark. Then let the coal rest on the tray of your hookah, or on a coal carrier, until it is fully lit and then smoke away!

Fantasia Air-Flow Quick Light Coals

CharcoBlaze Coconut Quick Light Hookah Charcoals

CharcoBlaze coals offer both the convenience of a quick-lighting coal as well as the consistent burn of a natural coconut based coal. Along with smoking great, coconut coals are very environmentally friendly as they are made from coconut husks which are normally discarded when coconut is being prepared as a food product.

You can use CharcoBlaze coals just like any other quick-lighting hookah coals. Simply apply some heat to the coals with either a stove top burner or a lighter until the coal begins to spark. Once the coal has stopped sparking, park the coals on the tray of your hookah or in a charcoal carrier until the entire coal is covered in a thin layer of white ash with a glowing red center. Once this state has been achieved, smoke away!

CharcoBlaze Quick Light Coconut Coals

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