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New Shisha Tobacco To Try In 2017

New Shisha Tobacco To Try In 2017

By SmokeOrPass / January 3, 2017

Shisha Tobacco For 2017

We've covered our favorite accessories that we like to use here in the office and wrapped up all the new hookah brands, but now it's time to take a look at all of the newest members to our shisha roster. Over the past year we stocked up on several new brands that passed our taste and quality test for your enjoyment. Dark leaf tobacco boosted in popularity which brought in new levels of buzz and delicious blends to enjoy within a plethora of hookah bowls. We also saw a rebirth of a classic brand and a rise in request for modern shisha tobacco with a better buzz. We're still trying to catch up on all these blends from each brand, but they just keep rolling out which makes us like our job even more. Are you ready to taste what you might have missed out on?

Trifecta Shisha Tobacco

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta hookah tobacco is made here in the US, and we really fell in love with their Dark blend flavors that utilize burley leaf tobacco with layers of phenomenal flavoring. They've also been able to appease many types of smokers by producing a universal collection of tobacco flavors titled "Trifecta Blonde", that falls in line with the modern style of hookah tobacco using Virginia tobacco leaves. Both of their collections are extremely easy to use with any bowl in your cabinet, and you can achieve a solid session with a loose or dense packing method. This brand as a whole can handle heat extremely well so if you're looking to chase clouds with a rewarding amount of flavor then Trifecta is perfect for you. We've enjoyed several sessions of their perfectly balanced Lavender Mint as well as the blend of basil, citrus, and herbs found within the Enigma mix. One of their latest additions to our site is Twice The Ice Extreme, and believe us when we say that there are few mints out there that come close to that coolness.

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco Formula And Castro's

Fantasia Formula & Castro's

Fantasia pulled a quick one on us towards the end of 2016 and dropped not one but two new collections of flavors that featured unique traits. Their Castro dark leaf line arrives in a 100g resealable pouch packed with dark leaf hookah tobacco, and for the first time in shisha history we get to experience Cuban tobacco leaves blended with a variety of flavor notes. Fantasia formulated this collection with their own private stock of Cuban leaves to produce blends that couldn't be found in their classic lineup, and even though it's dark leaf we've seen it enjoyed by beginners to experts smokers. If you're looking for a suggestions we've enjoyed every Mango Lassi session and of course we got down with the Cana De Menta for our mint aficionados, it's not ice cold but it contains a nice amount of cooling. Their second collection of flavors arrives packed inside a carbon fiber container and feature no real flavor names, just formula numbers.  The Fantasia Formula series is completely undyed and doesn't use any previous flavors from their original lineup of Fantasia flavors, these golden leaf blends gave us great clouds but we had more fun mixing up number and guessing the blends.

Lavoo Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Lavoo Dark Leaf Hookah Flavors

Taking it from glass hookahs to high end dark leaf tobacco, Lavoo is out to explore everything within their grasp and so far their new tobacco is a hit! When we first cracked open a jar of Lavoo shisha we were immediately thrown of by the fact that there was not much juice within the cut, in fact their tobacco is one of the most finely chopped blends that we carry. The story usually goes more juice equals better flavor and bigger clouds, but the Lavoo formula defies the odds by producing ice cold flavors like Dark Mint that last a couple round of coals with huge clouds. The first flavor that we loaded up was their Southern Peach and it was an instant win in the warehouse, we tend to use a semi-dense packing method but this tobacco is very versatile in preparation. You won't need to acclimate a single flavor, just decide on a flavor and fire up some coals for a relaxing session accompanied by a moderate buzz.

Al Waha Shisha Tobacco

Al Waha Shisha Tobacco

If you've been a long time customer with us than you can recall the old days when we carried the original Al Waha tobacco line, and you might have been waiting for a resurgence so you could pick up some old favorites. Well guess what? It's back and better than ever with new flavors and sleek packaging, the Al Waha brand is ready to be enjoyed by smokers of every level and rewards those looking for a great session without breaking the bank. Their past release had a molasses composition with red dye but they've moved on to a more flavorful golden leaf blend, which has resulted in better clouds and longer smoke sessions. Many of us here have been looking for a solid Paan flavor for unique flavor combinations, and Al Waha provided us with one of the best version of this flavor. The existing collection is capable of pleasing smokers looking for single note flavors, as well as the mixologist and fans of creative flavor adventures.

Ugly Shisha Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Hookah Tobacco

We still don't know where exactly the name comes from for this brand, but we know one thing to be true.....IT'S GREAT! Ugly Hookah tobacco has provided us with a super buzzy collection of flavors and they're all made in small batches in Oak Lawn, IL. This company prides itself on using quality ingredients for the smoothest smoke session possible and they incorporated unique flavor notes that can't be found within the existing flavor market, like the glorious Orange Keef blend. You can almost smell each flavor through the resealable jars but the fun really kicks off when you open a can and let the aroma fill the room, on our first run we dove right into Marcoje. Ugly does a great job at creating a multiple flavor experience with each blend providing you with a sweet beginning, a little fun in the middle, and an ending that's still cloudy. These flavors can easily last a couple rounds of charcoal.  Although the golden cut of tobacco may look similar to existing modern tobacco brands once you get your session fired up, you'll realize that the buzz exceeds the competition. Are you ready to find out why "Ugly never tasted so good"?

Is There Anything Left To Try?

As always we love hearing what you like to smoke and what you hope to smoke in the coming future. If you've tried any of these new blends and found some favorite please let us know. This is just the beginning of 2017 and we can't wait to see what you all enjoy in your next bowl.

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