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New Tangiers Flavors - August 2015

New Tangiers Flavors - August 2015

By Danny / August 5, 2015
New Tangiers Flavors
Tangiers has just released their newest batch of flavors and we've got them all just for you. Check out some quick flavor descriptions below. Happy Smoking!

Buy The New Tangiers Noir Flavors Here  |  Buy The New Tangiers F-Line Flavor Here

Tangiers Noir Blueberry

Tangiers Blueberry is a legendary and mysterious flavor that is finally back in production. The name kinda says it all, doesn't it? This blueberry flavor was discontinued years ago and has grown to be a somewhat of a legend in the time since. A must-try flavor for sure.

Tangiers Noir Ololiuqui

Previously only available in Birquq, Ololiuqui (while hard to pronounce) is a delightful root beer flavor that is now available in the full strength Noir line. If you loved the Birquq version but want a bit more buzz, then this is just for you.

Tangiers Noir Experimint

Experiment is another hugely anticipated flavor from Tangiers. The spiritual brother to their uber popular Cane Mint flavor, Experiment is a strong spearmint flavor. Pick up a bag of Cane Mint, and a bag of Experimint and you will have mixing opportunities galore.

Tangiers Noir Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Orange is another fairly straightforward new flavor in the Noir line. Expect a juicy, tangy smoke with fresh citrus flavor for days. We are excited to see if Tangiers has nailed that orange flavor we crave.

Tangiers Noir Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is definitely the biggest mystery in this new batch. We haven't even had a chance to smoke this one yet (we will update this review once we do) but after smelling the shisha itself, we can't wait to dive into what promises to be a nuanced fruit flavor.

Tangiers F Line Absinthe

Finally, one of Tangiers most unique flavors, Absinthe, has made it into their most unique shisha line, the caffeinated F-Line. This is surely one of the most unique shisha flavors on earth and is certain to be a hit among the adventurous hookah smokers of the world.

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