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Nirvana Super Shisha - The Buzz Is Back

Nirvana Super Shisha - The Buzz Is Back

By Danny / March 24, 2015
Nirvana Super Shisha

Attention all Buzz chasers, we have something new that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. We are all familiar with the term shisha, but did you know there is a level beyond regular shisha? Most of the tobacco available for hookah smokers contain small levels of nicotine which can sometimes create a small 'buzz' during your hookah smoking session.

This buzz can vary based on how often you smoke, and your choice of tobacco. In some situations veteran smokers will reach a point where they are no longer affected by the small levels of nicotine in their shisha. We don’t find this to be a bad occurrence but some new/veteran smokers still crave that buzz. Well look no further because the new Nirvana Super Shisha blend will definitely put some pep in your step.

The Beginnings of Nirvana Super Shisha

Starting out about 3 years ago, Nirvana Super Shisha showed the world a new a cut of tobacco with a head spinning buzz that only propelled it’s popularity. Originally using a very fine cut burley leaf tobacco, they were able to create a wide array of flavors from melons with spices to beautiful blends of berries. Nirvana shisha is manufactured and produced here in the US, and each blend goes through extensive testing to ensure a perfect batch every time. Hookah smokers come to Nirvana for something they can’t find in regular shisha, and that special ingredient is Dokha.

Dokha is a type of tobacco that has been enjoyed in the middle east for over 500 years and it is still gaining popularity here in the US. This fine cut dry blend comes from the tip of the tobacco leaf which holds the highest levels of nicotine. The preparation process for this type of tobacco is unlike normal shisha tobacco because there is no use of molasses or honey.

There are no chemicals added to this pipe tobacco during it’s creation, and the flavoring comes from spices, herbs and flowers. Typical you would see this type of tobacco used in combination with a very slender pipe called a “Medwakh”, these handheld pipes come in many different sizes and lengths. This is commonly referred to as the traditional way to smoke Dokha.

Nirvana Super Shisha Graphics

Shisha + Dokha = Nirvana

The highly skilled shisha manufacturers at Medwakh applied their knowledge of Dokha to modern shisha tobacco, bringing life to the words “Super Shisha”. With this perfected product we are now able to enjoy 15 flavor blends of shisha and Dokha, and each blend offers a buzz unlike anything else that we’ve had before.

The latest batches of “Super Shisha” had some major changes to the cut of the shisha and the choice of tobacco leaves. This new formula moves away from the burley leaves to a light golden Polish Virginia leaf, these new leaves take heat well and offer an amazing full flavor experience. The switch of a fine cut shisha to a medium choppy cut allows for a cleaner and easier loading process. Super shisha can be enjoyed in many different bowl types, we found the Harmony bowl to be the best for our sessions.

3 Different Ways To Enjoy Nirvana & Dokha

Super shisha is a game changer and it is the perfect next step for anyone looking to either try something new or restore the buzz back in their sessions. If you’re wanting to have these flavors outside of the hookah world, we offer a full selection of Nirvana Dokha with flavors that match the shisha line. You can also vape your favorite Super Shisha flavors with a full line premium e-juice that is once again guaranteed to give you a nice BUZZ!

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