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Pure Tobacco FML RED Shisha Review

Pure Tobacco FML RED Shisha Review

By SmokeOrPass / March 25, 2016

A powerful new opponent in the battles of mint has arrived in our warehouse, and we're excited to present it to you. This new flavor comes from the lovely people over at Pure Tobacco, and anytime we talk about Pure the question must be raised have you tried FML? It's by far one of their most popular flavor, and the office poll has yielded nothing but high regards to their bone chilling mint.

But what if you wanted that powerful cooling sensation with the use of another mint flavor profile. Well you could obviously mix it with another flavor and see what happens, but that's not as cool as smoking a brand new flavor, right?

red fml pure

Why Red?

Does the flavor profile contain cinnamon? Nope. Will it taste like cherries, apples, or a fire hydrant? (we ran out of red objects) The answer to that question is still a no, but what's red and white all over with a mint flavor profile? Exactly, PEACHES. No, wait. Candy Canes!

Candy Cane with so much more

FML Red will allow you to experience peppermint in a new level of strength, without any harsh sharp edges or weak flavor strength. We were slightly hesitant on the first inhale of this new flavor, primarily because of the tears that were still on the ground from our IT guy that couldn't handle regular FML*. RIP.

The first inhale hit like a drunk mule with 40 candy canes on each leg, and the follow inhales afterwards were taken with caution until it felt right. There is a sweetness that comes with this flavor on the exhale, but it's not sweet enough for us to only call it a sweet candy cane flavor.

The ghost of the original FML (FML Green) still lingers within FML red, and it helps make this flavor standout from the rest. *notice the tears on the ground in the photo below*

How Did We Get Down With FML RED

fml red shika farouk

 For this minty occasion we decided to use the Shika Farouk hookah, with an unglazed Shika Sandstorm bowl and a green aluminum D-hose. It is widely believe that tall hookahs reduce the amount of coolness within your smoke, and that might be a myth busters topic that you'll see in a video shortly.

To heat our bowl we used 3 Titanium cube shaped hookah charcoal, and after a couple of inhales we became acclimated to flavor the strength of mint. The coolness factor reached its ultimate cooling point at around the 20 minute mark, and performed very well at holding that flavor strength for an hour before tapering off.

The shisha aroma will still make your eyes water, but don't be scared to toss it in your next bowl. We prefer fluff to semi dense pack methods with this tobacco, but as always play around with it and find the packing method for you.

Don't just smoke it, mix it!

After a few session with this flavor our minds immediately go to mixability, and this flavor can be used with many different flavor profiles. If you're a fan of sweet and creamy peppermint, try adding coconut or vanilla flavors to your mix.

Give it a citrus/sweeter tone with bright fruit notes, or you can mix both version of FML and see how long you can last. Think you've got a great mix with this flavor or you want to talk more about this flavor, just leave us a comment below. Happy Smoking.

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