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Ring Hookah Coals: One Quick-Light Coal to Rule Them All

Ring Hookah Coals: One Quick-Light Coal to Rule Them All

By Grabertrain / July 10, 2012
Just when you thought that the hookah industry had reached the end in terms of new and unique hookah charcoal technology, we introduce a new quick-lighting charcoal that runs rings around the competition! Introducing new Ring Hookah Charcoals, quick-lighting hookah charcoal with a hole in the center. Measuring 38mm in diameter (approximately 1.5 inches), these disc-shaped hookah charcoals are lit the same way as other quick-lighting hookah charcoal (with a standard cigarette lighter or torch lighter) but have the following advantages over the rest:

• More surface area of the coal is exposed, allowing them to be lit faster and more efficiently.

• Just like the Fantasia Air-Flow Coals, the design allows oxygen to flow more freely through the coal, keeping them stoked throughout the smoking session and requiring less ashing.

• Ring coals are slightly more compressed than other quick-light coals, which makes them burn hotter and therefore allowing you to use less charcoal per smoking session.

• When using a Phunnel Hookah Bowl, you can place the coal directly in the center and have the coal transfer the heat radially, without having the heat directly over the hole.

Ring Hookah Coals are available in a 100-piece box, with Super Packs and Monster Packs available as well for extra bulk savings. Happy smoking my precious hookah fans!

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