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Roi Hookah Beads Enhance Your Hookah Session

Roi Hookah Beads Enhance Your Hookah Session

By Katie / March 6, 2014


Hookah sessions can be a classy event. With the increased popularity of Roi and Lavoo glass hookahs, it's becoming easier to join the ranks of highbrow hookah smokers. What happens, then, if you finally have a beautiful glass hookah...but that water is just so...clear. Don't give into the Normcore trend, it's time to stand out.

roi hookah beads

Roi Hookah Beads are small, gel spheres that expand in water. Simply add one teaspoon to your hookah base, and the beads will slowly expand over a 3 hours period, acting as a diffuser and aesthetic color additive. This is a different take on the hookah diffuser, however it works in the same general way. By helping to break up the surface area of the water, air is allowed to travel through more easily and in smaller quantities, creating a more even pull and denser smoke.

There is no added flavor when using the beads, they just give your hookah an extra burst of personality. Available in 10 different colors, the beads can either be reused (although they will not shrink back down), or they can be disposed of after each use. Watch the beads in action:


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