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Savory Gravy Hookah Tobacco - Our Newest Line of Shisha Tobacco

Savory Gravy Hookah Tobacco - Our Newest Line of Shisha Tobacco

By Grabertrain / April 1, 2013

Howdy Hookah Friends, We're very excited to introduce a new line of shisha tobacco that we have spent over a year carefully testing and refining to bring you the juiciest, most flavorful, and thickest cloud producing shisha ever experienced.As mush as we love traditional fruit flavors, we wanted to make a shisha tobacco that tasted different. That's when we came up with a new idea, so make shisha tobacco that tasted like our favorite types of gravy. As a result, Savory Gravy Hookah Tobacco was born. As a special offer, we’re including a promotional “specialty” hookah that you can smoke your savory gravy shisha tobacco with, including some bonus base water additives. Watch the video below to find out what they are!

Here we present the 7 delicious flavors of new Savory Gravy shisha tobacco:

Brown Gravy - If it’s brown, smoke it down! This succulent shisha blends the finest Virginian tobacco leaves with just the right amount of beef bouillon and onion powder flavors.
Giblet Gravy - We spent months perfecting this delectable hookah tobacco by carefully blending in just the right amount of bird neck, gizzard, and kidney flavor. Mmmm Mmmm!
Mushroom Gravy - Don’t be the lame one at your next hookah party, be a fungi! Now you can smoke that delicious mushroom gravy taste, the same mom used to make for her famous meatloaf.
Red-Eye Gravy - Enjoy huge clouds of meaty, hammy smoke with our Red-Eye gravy flavor that will make you smack your lips with brown buttery brilliance.
Sausage Gravy - Turn your next hookah gathering into a sausage fest! Inhale the rich, creamy, clumpy taste of sausage gravy with just the right peppery undertones.
White Gravy - A dab of milk and flour flavors make this shisha tasty and sublime. The white gravy flavor will only be matched by the huge white puffy clouds of smoke that this tobacco will produce!
Dog Food Gravy - Why should Fido have all the fun? We've saved the best for last! Enjoy the delicious taste of sopping-wet meaty prime cuts that not only relaxes you while you smoke, but also gives your hair a nice shiny coat!
Happy Gravy Smoking!

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