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Shiazo Steam Stones - 2 New Shockingly Steamy, Red Starry Selections!

Shiazo Steam Stones - 2 New Shockingly Steamy, Red Starry Selections!

By Grabertrain / October 26, 2012
Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones boast that they're "The Original Steam Stones" which is indeed true!  The first of its kind, these German imports broke new ground in the realm of tobacco-free alternatives for your hookah. The skeptics were soon converted once they discovered that it is possible to get smooth, tasty vapor from heated rocks! If you're unfamiliar with Shiazo, check out the below posts for a steamy good time:

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Straight from the heart of Bavaria comes 2 new flavors inthe 100g size that will shock your taste buds and leave you starry-eyed!

Shiazo Steam Stones Red Star

Did you know that a spectral class M star, also known as a “red star,” has an approximate surface temperature of under 3,500K and contains some molecular bands of titanium oxide? Red Star from Shiazo thankfully doesn’t taste anything like a luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity, but instead a fruity apple and strawberry martini taste that will create a supernova of flavor in your mouth!

Shiazo Steam Stones Ice Shock Have you ever gone skinny dipping in the icy waters of the North Atlantic? Probably not (what are you, insane?), but imagine what that would be like, and then picture that feeling on your tongue. Ice Shock by Shiazo produces a minty, wintry vapor that’s cooling and refreshing. Add some ice to the hookah base and use a Mystique Ice Hose Tip and you can come as close as possible to your senses experiencing absolute zero!

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