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Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Banana Split Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Banana Split Shisha Tobacco

By Jono / December 7, 2010

Guilty pleasure at its finest. Banana Splits have been and will probably always be one of the most popular desserts on the planet. I mean, you can't go wrong! Ice cream. Bananas. Chocolate. Cherries. Whip cream. Are you kidding me? Who ever put that combination together deserves a medal and a kiss on the mouth. I don't have to tell you how amazing the ice cream treat is, but how good is the new Al Tawareg Banana Split shisha tobacco? Is it better than Al Waha or Romman? In my opinion, YES! My first impression was that this shisha flavor tasted like deliciously sweet banana cream. But with the right amount of heat, the chocolate flavor sneaks up on you and blends perfectly with the banana cream - rounding off one heck of a shisha flavor that can be enjoyed any time of day. Sadly though, the cherry flavor ends up with the honorable mention ribbon in the end. It would've been nice to have that cherry on top. Nonetheless, Al Tawareg Banana Split shisha tobacco has a real thick smoke and eerily accurate banana split flavor. You'll love it! Maybe you should have two hookah bowls going at the same time. One filled with Al Tawareg Banana Split shisha tobacco and the other with Al Tawareg Cherry Blossom. Better yet, invest in a double vortex hookah bowl. Normally I'd suggest just mixing the two shisha flavors but I think it would be more fun to play with the coals between each puff to get a different combination of sweet and treat. Try it out and let us know how it goes! Happy smoking!

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