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Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Fresh Mint Hookah Tobacco

Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Fresh Mint Hookah Tobacco

By Jono / November 3, 2010

While mint is arguably THE most purchased hookah tobacco on the market, it's rarely smoked by itself. It is the single most popular shisha to mix with other hookah flavors. Some say it's overpowering and that it's difficult to smoke an entire hookah bowl of mint hookah tobacco for 30 minutes to an hour. Although I do it anyway, I can understand and appreciate their opinions. A nice alternative is to do exactly what Al Tawareg Fresh Mint has done - make the mint less harsh and cool and more like a stick of gum. In the end, the reason we add mint flavored shisha to any hookah bowl (or all hookah bowls) is to give each hookah session a refreshingly chill sensation as you smoke. Al Tawareg Fresh Mint gives you that soft mint candy flavor that is similar to spearmint gum. It's difficult to describe Al Tawareg Fresh Mint hookah tobacco without at least mentioning how much it tastes like Starbuzz Winterfresh. But for a considerably less price, you'll get that same refreshing cool mint flavor. But let's do a fair comparison when it comes to Al Tawareg versus Starbuzz versus Romman Hookah Tobacco. You have three similar flavors from three different brand names at three very different prices. Starbuzz Winterfresh. Romman Spearmint Gum. Al Tawareg Fresh Mint. In my opinion, you're going to get the same flavor from all three hookah flavors. The only noticeable difference is going to be in the thickness of smoke. Ranked thickest smoke to least thick we have: Starbuzz, Romman, Al Tawareg. Priced from most expensive to least expensive we follow the same order: Starbuzz, Romman, Al Tawareg. So if it's flavor you're going for, you might as well go with Al Tawareg Fresh Mint. It's cheaper than the alternatives, but you're not sacrificing flavor - which is a win-win situation! Drop us a comment or two and let us know what your thoughts are on the subject. It's always interesting to hear your opinions and experiences. Share them with the world!  Happy smoking!

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