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Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco - Flowery Rose

Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco - Flowery Rose

By Jono / November 19, 2010

The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose - Kahlil Gibran

I remember being 12 years old and my friend's mother gave me and my friend something to snack on until dinner was ready. I was terrified! It was a bag of rose petals. Roses had always been things that looked and smelled pretty that you bought for your girlfriend on Valentine's Day. And let us not forget about the thousands of rose scented candles that decorate just about every home in the known universe. Hookah manufacturers across the world know that roses tie people to their soft side, their happy place, and generally spread joy to everyone. I am no stranger to floral flavored hookah tobacco.  So how does Al Tawareg Flowery Rose measure up? Before I even put my Coco Nara Coals on, the sweet smell of rose petals filled the air. And when I say rose petals, I don't mean potpourri. Because when I think about potpourri, I think about a mixture of spices and floral scents. This was a very distinguished and focused rose aroma. Very nice. Al Tawareg Flowery Rose hookah tobacco has a very rich rose petal flavor. I'm not sure how fair it is to say that though, because not many of you have tasted rose petals. I could just say, "well I have, so trust me", but that's not playing nice. A better way to describe this may be to say that it tastes as delicious as it smells. It's soothing, sweet, happy, and sophisticated - without any thorns! And to be 100% honest, yes, I do prefer Al Tawareg Flowery Rose hookah tobacco over the other brands that I've tried. Al Tawareg is just one of those brands I stand behind, and Flowery Rose just helps me stand with more confidence. Bottom line: You won't find a better rose hookah flavor at this price (or any other price for that matter, if you ask my opinion!) I would try Al Tawareg Flowery Rose with a little Romman Mint and Strawberry or maybe try it with Al Tawareg Wild Apricot. What do you mix with rose hookah tobacco? Let us know by leaving comments below or by posting on our Facebook wall. Happy Smoking! p.s. Buzz Factor Meter is in the red! p.p.s. Flowery Rose is real juicy.  I recommend using your Vortex Bowl.

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