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Al Tawareg Triple Apple - Jono's Shisha Tobacco Review

Al Tawareg Triple Apple - Jono's Shisha Tobacco Review

By Jono / October 29, 2010

First things first. I've never been much of a fan of apple flavored hookah tobacco by itself. They always seem to have that licorice aftertaste that I'm really not a fan of, although both Romman and Starbuzz make a real nice Apple Cinnamon. The closest to the actual apple flavor, in my opinion, is the Hydro Herbal Shisha brand. Until now. Al Tawareg Triple Apple hookah tobacco reined in the licorice flavor making it my favorite apple shisha flavor thus far! When you open your 50g box of Al Tawareg Triple Apple, you'll notice a strong apple aroma. Also, there seems to be a hint of Kiwi - I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking or just my imagination. Unlike Romman Double Apple, Al Tawareg Triple Apple doesn't have that lingering licorice undertone. Finally! But what Triple Apple does have is a real sweet, crisp, apple fruit flavor with the subtle allusion that there is kiwi thrown in the mix. Not to laud too much, but this really is a fantastic shisha flavor! I was quite surprised to find an apple flavor that tastes this good without that annoying licorice aftertaste. Two thumbs up! 5 Stars! Awesome Awesome Awesome! I can't wait to throw a little Romman Strawberry, Al Tawareg Cinnamon Roll, or a pinch of Al Tawareg Fresh Mint into my hookah bowl with this! You're bound to get some amazing mixes now that there's an apple shisha with this much flavor! Let us know what you suggest mixing it with as well. Leave us comments and tell us your thoughts! We love your feedback!

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