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Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco - Cherry Blossom

Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco - Cherry Blossom

By Jono / May 3, 2011

To me, Cherry has always seemed to be the most underwhelming shisha tobacco flavor. I guess people expect cherry shisha to taste like Kool-Aid or cherry pie. It's a very subtle flavor that simply adds a touch of cherry flavor to your hookah bowl, but it's never had that "wow, now that's cherry!" kind of vibe. Therefore, when I saw Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco had a Cherry Blossom shisha, I was expecting the same typical "less than amazing" cherry flavor. For the first few puffs, Cherry Blossom had a surprisingly good flavor reminiscent of a cherry cheesecake or taffy. With three Coco-Nara coals on top of our hookah bowl, the heat started to bring out this thick, juicy, dark cherry flavor within minutes. I would suggest using a wind cover to help harness the heat, making sure the temperature is just right. However, don't let the name fool you. Usually when I hear the word blossom, I automatically think "floral". Al Tawareg Cherry Blossom shisha tobacco is anything but floral. Maybe they call it Cherry Blossom because the cherry flavor blossoms in your mouth - I don't know. Or maybe it's because the name "finally a cherry shisha flavor worth buying by the kilo" was too long. You be the judge! Leave comments below telling us what your thoughts on cherry shisha flavors are or post on our Facebook page! What do you typically mix with cherry shisha tobacco? Let me leave you with this, try adding Al Tawareg Cherry Blossom to Al Tawareg Creamy Cola for that age-old favorite Cherry Coke flavor. Mmmm.... gotta go try that. NOW! Happy Smoking friends!

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