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Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco - Mixed Grape

Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco - Mixed Grape

By Jono / November 11, 2010

By now, you probably know that Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco is delivering some amazing flavors with unbeatable prices. The flavors seem to be better than Al Waha and Al Fakher and in some cases better than Romman. A few shisha flavors have even earned their spot at the top of my all time favorites list. So how does the new Al Tawareg Mixed Grape shisha tobacco size up to the competition? Like a champion! With Al Tawareg Mixed Grape, you get a strong, rich, purple grape smell. The flavor is one that starts off with a nice dark berry sensation that matures into this earthy, deeply rich grape mixture of deliciousness with a nice lingering grape aftertaste. It may have been my imagination, but there were moments were it almost tasted like it had traces of blueberry or pomegranate mixed in as well. After about 25 minutes of smoking Al Tawareg Mixed Grape shisha tobacco, I noticed a slight tickle in the back of my throat that I often get from Al Fakher. Speaking of Al Fakher, their Golden Grape shisha flavor has been, until now, my all time favorite grape hookah flavor. Al Tawareg somehow snuck into Al Fakher's trophy case and stole the award out from under their noses! Try Al Tawareg Mixed Grape shisha tobacco for yourself and give us your review of it by leaving comments below.  Maybe you've tried it with a nice Merlot?  Share your experiences with the rest of the hookah world!  Happy Smoking!

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