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Shisha Review: Fumari Apple Mint Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Review: Fumari Apple Mint Shisha Tobacco

By Jono / January 17, 2011

The first week we received Fumari Shisha Tobacco, I remember a co-worker telling me how good Fumari Apple Mint was. At the time, I hadn't smoked an apple flavored shisha that I really liked, so I wasn't too eager to try this stuff. Over the last few years I've somehow come to like apple shisha a great deal. And knowing what kind of quality you get from Fumari, I knew their take on an apple mint shisha tobacco flavor would probably be better than I once expected it to be. What I've always (secretly) wanted out of an apple mint shisha is to taste Apple Jacks with a mild mint freshness. If any flavor can pull it off, it's Fumari Apple Mint! My first impression was how strong the mint smell was and how mild the apple was. But once you start smoking Fumari Apple Mint, you get a nice sweet apple flavor blended perfectly underneath the cool mint. 10 points for flavor, and 5 bonus points because the apple doesn't taste like licorice! Fumari Apple Mint shisha tobacco gives you a natural, sweet red apple flavor, without it tasting sour or like candy. I also recommend using a Vortex Bowl or a Phunnel Bowl with this. It's super juicy! Fumari Apple Mint shisha tobacco is actually one of my favorite apple shisha flavors on the market right now. Honestly, I wish Fumari packaged their shisha in larger pouches or tins other than the offered 100g pouches, but whatever. Maybe they feel that big things come in small packages. Maybe they're right. Let us know what you think about Fumari Apple Mint shisha tobacco by leaving comments or by posting on our Facebook page! We look forward to reading your thoughts! Happy Smoking!

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