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Shisha Review: Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco - The Edge

Shisha Review: Social Smoke Shisha Tobacco - The Edge

By Jono / December 6, 2010

Social Smoke... The Edge? I'm confused. Are they fans of U2 or something? It's a good thing they have a description on their website of what each of their flavors are, because I've never tasted anything called "the edge". As far as I know, no one I know knows either (yes I realize how hard that last sentence must have been to read!) So how does Social Smoke describe The Edge shisha tobacco? "Tropical fantasy of fresh pineapple, exotic passion fruit, citrus, and cherry". Let's put their word to the test and see what Social Smoke The Edge shisha tobacco is really all about! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get some flack for saying this, but I don't think I've ever smoked a hookah flavor that tasted more like a Red Bull in my life. Mixing passion fruit with a touch of pineapple, Social Smoke The Edge has a dark, rich berry flavor with a mild cherry undertone. And I have to say it's much better than Social Smoke described. The Edge is sweet, tart, and somehow mouth numbing. If there's anyone out there that can explain why I've had a few Social Smoke shisha tobacco flavors make my mouth go slightly numb, I'd appreciate the insight. Do yourself a favor; check out Social Smoke The Edge shisha tobacco as soon as you can. Let us know what you think about it by leaving comments below or by posting on our Facebook wall! Your feedback is always appreciated! By the way, am I the only one wondering what would happen if U2's The Edge ever smoked Social Smoke The Edge shisha tobacco? No? Just me? Fine. Happy Smoking!

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