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Shisha Review: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco - Blue

Shisha Review: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco - Blue

By Jono / February 18, 2011

Welcome to the new line of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco - Starbuzz Acid! The two companies responsible for launching this new line of shisha are Drew Estate (known for Acid Cigars) and Starbuzz who need no introduction. My first thought when I heard about this "pairing from left field" was whether or not this new shisha tobacco was going to taste more like cigars or like Starbuzz shisha. I'm not a huge cigar lover (let the hatemail begin), but I can tell you in all honesty that when I heard that Starbuzz was releasing 4 new flavors - Blue, Gold, Red and Purple, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! Starbuzz Acid Blue shisha tobacco smells a bit like a tropical bubble gum candy of some sort with a musty vibe. If the canister didn't say Starbuzz on it, I might have said, "no thanks." But I'm glad I didn't let the smell sway me. The smoke of Acid Blue was super thick and tasted like a real sweet, fruity Jello bubble gum. It wasn't rich, per se, but the flavor was undeniably delectable. It was difficult for me to pin down whether Starbuzz Acid Blue was strawberry, cherry, raspberry, or something else. Whatever is in this is certainly well blended. For those avid cigar smokers out there, I didn't get a cigar flavor from Acid Blue shisha tobacco; I just tasted your typical Starbuzz quality shisha flavored tobacco. Have you tried Starbuzz Acid Blue yet? Let us know what you think about it by posting comments below or on our Facebook page! I can't wait to try Acid - Gold, Red and Purple! I hope they're as good as Blue, that's for sure! I look forward to reading your comments! Happy Smoking friends! This review is dedicated to my constructive criticism expert Chuck!

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