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Shisha Review: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco - RED

Shisha Review: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco - RED

By Jono / February 23, 2011

Starrbuzz Acid shisha tobacco proudly launched 4 new flavors recently - Red, Purple, Blue and Gold. There is one in particular that makes me wonder if I'm going crazy! Starbuzz Acid Red. I didn't think I had lost my mind until I came across a few reviews that were lingering out in cyberspace claiming this stuff tasted like cinnamon bubble gum. Let me explain: When I opened the 100g tin of Starbuzz Acid Red shisha tobacco, it smelled like an orange berry with a hint of cinnamon. The smoke tasted like an acidic orange, tangy with a cinnamon undertone. It almost reminded me of a cinnamon orange clove. The aftertaste was that of an insanely mild licorice flavor buried behind your subconscious - barely noticeable. While this does sound very odd and hardly enjoyable, it's way better than it sounds! I actually enjoyed it! Here's the kicker: I read several reviews that said Starbuzz Acid Red tasted like Big Red cinnamon gum and NO mention, whatsoever, of orange. That just blew my mind! From the smell to the taste of Acid Red, the most noticeable flavor was orange. Someone please confirm my taste buds! Please. This shisha flavor has me (or them) confused. Either way, the only way to truly know what Starbuzz Acid Red shisha tobacco is all about is to smoke it. Let us know what you think about it by leaving comments below or by posting on our Facebook page. We're gonna need some feedback from you on this one!  Let the debate as to "whether or not I'm crazy" begin. Happy Smoking friends!

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