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Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco - Wild Apricot

Shisha Review: Al Tawareg Shisha Tobacco - Wild Apricot

By jono / May 2, 2011

This has been my MOST anticipated shisha flavor from Al Tawareg to review. You see, when I first received a small handful of Al Tawareg shisha tobacco flavors to try, Wild Apricot was unfortunately not one of them. So by the time I went back for more, everyone was talking about this new Wild Apricot shisha flavor from Al Tawareg as if they had reinvented the wheel or something. While this is an obvious exaggeration, I can now see what all the fuss was about. My first thought upon opening the 50g box of Al Tawareg Wild Apricot was, "wow, this REALLY smells like peach!"  My second thought was how sweet and delicious this shisha flavor was! You may find yourself placing this shisha flavor between a peach and a plum because basically that's what an apricot is. Wild Apricot has a very aggressive taste that wouldn't be caught dead sitting on the bench. This one's gonna get up and knock your teeth out! I hate to bash on Al Tawareg's competition, but in this case, Al Tawareg Wild Apricot shisha tobacco blows EVERY brand away. I'm sorry. It just does. No one makes a better apricot shisha tobacco. In my opinion, anyway.  10 out of 10. You'll love it. Your friends will love it. Your friends' friends will love it. And so on... Hit us up on Facebook and let us know what you think about Al Tawareg Wild Apricot. It deserves its own fan page! Happy Smoking friends!

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