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A Guide To The Shishabucks Cloud Micro Hookah

A Guide To The Shishabucks Cloud Micro Hookah

By two puff / September 1, 2021

Here at Hookah-Shisha, we're always on the lookout for quality hookah pipes to add to our shelves, and we're proud to introduce one of our latest additions: the Shishabucks Cloud hookahs! Designed in Toronto, Canada, these hookahs took the industry by storm largely due to their unique designs that were never before seen by hookah smokers and vendors alike.

Ranging from acrylic hookahs, "tank" hookahs designed with portability in mind, all the way through more traditional hookahs with a long stem that plugs into a glass base, Shishabucks offers a variety of models suited for any type of hookah smoker. Each model is designed with expert precision and are made from CNC machined anodized aluminum that provides a long lasting, durable hookah that will provide countless shisha sessions with ease.

While the Shishabucks line of modern hookahs certainly look impressive, looks aren't all that matter, right? They have to smoke well too! Well, after extensive testing in our offices, we have become enamored with the quality and consistency of smoke sessions that each Cloud hookah provides, and we are here to give you the low-down on one of their most popular models: the Cloud Micro!

Shishabucks Cloud Micro Acrylic Hookah

Easily one of Shishabucks's most recognizable hookahs, the Cloud Micro offers a simple, cube design that takes their high quality, precision engineering to a whole other level. Measuring 6 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches, they have created one of the most travel-friendly, portable hookahs we have seen to date!

Starting at the very bottom, the Cloud Micro includes a cubed base that is made entirely of thick, acrylic plastic which means that it is shatter resistant! One of the most common issues hookah smokers have faced over the years is that of the dreaded broken glass base, and Shishabucks circumvents this entirely by removing glass from the equation. While you may notice some damage to it if you repeatedly slam it against concrete (it's not totally indestructible folks), an accidental drop or spill won't have you scrambling to find a replacement base.

The acrylic base on the Cloud Micro also features an ultra-wide opening which makes cleaning your base a breeze. Gone are the days of using contorted base brushes to reach awkward angles inside traditional glass bases, as you can now take warm water, soap, and just a simple sponge to the inside of the Micro, reaching every nook and cranny with ease and ensuring a sparkling clean base every time.

Moving up from the base is the anodized aluminum hub of the Cloud Micro hookah! Manufactured using a process called CNC machining, each metal piece is formed with extreme precision that allows for perfect connections every time and, due to the anodized coating, is available in a variety of color options including black, grey, and gold!

The underside of the square hub features a thick, round silicone mechanism that fits neatly inside the wide mouth on the base and provides an airtight seal between the stem and base.

Housed within this round silicone mechanism is Shishabucks's "4 corner" hidden purge design! Rather than having an obtrusive release valve that sticks off the side of the stem, they opted to build the purge into the body of the hookah to maintain the aesthetically pleasing design of the pipe as a whole.

Four air channels are discreetly machined into the four corners of the hub that allow harsh or stale smoke to escape from your chamber. Just gently blow into your hose to lift the internal ball bearings and watch that smoke shoot out the corners of your hookah pipe. Once done purging, the ball bearings will automatically fall back into place to reform that airtight seal.

As for the stem itself, Shishabucks designed the Cloud Micro to feature an entirely removable down stem! The slim, aluminum tube inserts through the top hole of the Cloud Micro hub and features rubber O-Rings near the top that allows for a strong seal that won't allow any smoke or air to escape where it shouldn't.

The fact that it is removable makes cleaning the down stem easier than ever. This, combined with the tarnish and stain resistant anodized coating, means your smoke sessions will taste extra fresh without any interference from past smoked shisha flavors.

While the down stem is relatively slim, it offers what we would consider to be a "medium" gauge opening that allows for an easy draw with very little restriction, however Shishabucks does also include a hookah diffuser with the Cloud Micro!

The diffuser easily slides on to the bottom of the down stem and provides an even quieter, smoother draw when smoking by pulling the smoke through small holes and creating smaller, less intrusive bubbles in the water.

And for an added bonus, they designed the diffuser to also act as a sort of "one way valve" when purging. A common problem with smaller, compact hookahs such as the Cloud Micro is the risk of accidentally blowing water up the stem if you purge too hard, however the diffuser that comes included with this hookah contains a lightweight ball bearing that "lifts up" and seals the down stem when you purge, thus preventing any water from being shot up the stem and into your bowl.

Included Shishabucks Accessories

While it is likely becoming more obvious why we've fallen in love with these hookahs, we're not even done explaining why they're so awesome! On top of the quality construction and notable features we described above, Shishabucks also includes some top-notch accessories with the Cloud Micro that really help set it apart.

The first (and arguably most important) accessory they include is a 72 inch long washable silicone hookah hose! The main tubing of the hose is made from food-grade silicone that is completely rust proof. This allows you to thoroughly wash out previously smoked shisha flavors just by running hot water or lemon juice through the hose and helps to ensure your smoke session tastes like the flavor you packed and not the flavors from your past sessions.

The aluminum handle of this silicone hose measures 11.5 inches long and disassembles into 3 separate pieces, easily allowing each piece to be cleaned thoroughly between sessions.

At the other end of the hose lies the heel tip that plugs directly into the body of the Cloud Micro. Shishabucks designed the heel tip to feature a square design (maintaining the aesthetics of the hookah) that is machined to exact specifications and plugs directly into the body of the hookah; no hose grommet required!

The heel tip is also compatible with any other silicone hose tubing so if you're wanting to use a different silicone hose with the Cloud Micro, you can! All you'll need to do is plug the other hose's silicone tubing directly into the side hole of the heel tip and you'll be all set to smoke with your favorite silicone hose!

The other accessory included with this hookah is none other than its very own carrying case! A black zipper bag printed with the Shishabucks logo allows the Cloud Micro to be taken on the go, and that's not all. The hookah itself is designed with portability in mind by allowing you to disassemble every piece and neatly store it INSIDE the acrylic base! Yes, we're serious!

Everything from the down stem, the diffuser, the hose handle, hose tubing, heel tip, and even a bowl can fit neatly inside the plastic cube. This makes both travel and storage extremely easy, since all of your hookah supplies can now fit inside the included carrying case!

As far as the bowl goes, the Cloud Micro will not outright come with a bowl included, however because the down stem is an "inside fitting" style, a vast amount of bowls are compatible with this hookah! Every hookah bowl we carry will work great with this piece, however as long as the bowl you're intending to use is designed in such a way that the hookah down stem goes INSIDE the bowl (and not the other way around) then, with the correct bowl grommet, you'll have no trouble getting your bowl to fit.

If you're really looking to go all in on the Shishabucks set up though, you can pick up an aluminum Shishabucks Sky Bowl! Made from the same anodized aluminum as their hookahs, this bowl is designed to work perfectly with the Shishabucks line of hookahs, and you can even snag their very own heat management device (HMD), the Shishabucks Stratus HMD, to complete the package!

How To Assemble the Shishabucks Cloud Micro Hookah

Due to it's unique and modern design, many people find the Cloud Micro to be an intimidating hookah to assemble, and may not even know where to begin. While it may seem daunting, assembly is actually quite intuitive, so we're here to give you a tutorial on getting your new Cloud Micro set up and ready to go!

1) Locate the square, aluminum hub of the hookah and make sure it is oriented where the words "Cloud Micro" are facing up

2) Locate the straight metal down stem (the one with the rubber O-Rings near the top). Insert this down stem into the center hole of the hub and push it through. The rubber O-Rings will seat in place and prevent the down stem from being pushed through further. You should now see that metal down stem extending out of the bottom of your hub

3) Locate the hookah diffuser and firmly push it on to the bottom of the down stem

4) Fill your acrylic hookah base with just enough water to submerge the diffuser

5) Take the assembled hookah hub from steps 1-3 and firmly push it into the acrylic base, allowing the square hub to sit flush with the base

6) Locate the three threaded pieces of the hose handle and screw them together

7) Insert the assembled hose handle into the black silicone tubing

8) Locate the small square hose heel tip

9) Insert the opposite end of the silicone tubing (the end that doesn't have a hose handle in it) into the side hole of the square heel tip, making sure the tubing is firmly inserted

10) Attach your assembled hose to the hub of the hookah by inserting the square heel tip into the hole along the edge of the hookah hub

And that's it! Your Cloud Micro is fully assembled and ready for your hookah bowl!

And with that, we hope this plethora of information about the Shishabucks Cloud Micro was able to convey why we think these amazing hookahs deserve a place in every home hookah lounge, or at the very least provided additional knowledge into this modern hookah pipe!

If you have any additional questions in regards to the Cloud Micro, or need help with anything hookah related, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team!

And as always, happy smoking!

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