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New Accessory: Silicone Hookah Diffuser

New Accessory: Silicone Hookah Diffuser

By joe perin / April 19, 2016

Typical hookah diffusers will fit on most downstems, but not all of them. Many Shika Hookahs, for example, have bulb shaped downstems that make putting your average plastic hookah diffuser a big hassle. We've heard of many Macgyver stories that involve the classic heba diffuser with a sharp knife, and possibly a pot of boiling water. But those days are over because we're working with silicone, and now even the largest hookah downstem can reap the benefits of a smooth and whisper quiet smoke session. The Beamer Silicone Hookah Diffuser uses durable and elastic silicone that will stretch to fit on the end of any hookah downstem.

Hookah diffusers are a wonderful innovation for the hookah enthusiast searching for a smoother, quieter smoking experience. A typical hookah set-up, without a diffuser, features a downstem with a single opening at the bottom; as smoke and air flows through the downstem it has only one hole to exit and therefore comes into the water of the base as large bubbles that produce a great deal of noise. In some cases depending on the gauge of the downstem and preparation of the hookah, large bubbles can be produced that make the entire set-up vibrate. This can cause unwanted movement from your hookah, and potentially move the hot charcoal atop of your bowl.

Diffusers work by taking that single opening at the bottom of the downstem and adding dozens of smaller holes, which filter the bubbles moving into the base making them significantly smaller. The smaller bubbles create far less of that rumble noise, and greatly reduce any vibration they may cause. Diffusers also improve the smoothness of each and every pull thanks to the increased number of holes and the filtration of the bubbles.

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