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Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco - 3 New Flavors that will Boldly Blow You Away!

Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco - 3 New Flavors that will Boldly Blow You Away!

By Grabertrain / February 21, 2013
What have the makers of Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco been up to lately? Apparently they've been hard at work in the shisha lab making more awesome flavors that many of our fans can't seem to get enough of! If I may be so bold (PUN INTENDED) I present to you the 3 newest flavors from Starbuzz Bold that are currently available in the 100g and 1000g size: 
Golden Grape - You've heard of The Man with the Golden Gun, and now you can be the man (or woman) with the Golden Grape. This robust and juicy grape flavor is intensity in ten cities and will make you the Francisco Scaramanga of shisha. If you like Al Fakher Grape then you’ll like this – it has the same “grapeness” factor.
Grape Freeze - A tasty mixture of grape and mint that will dance a passacaglia on your taste buds and pluck your sense psaltery with its pillowy plectrum. The mint flavor in this is quite potent, but the grape undertones are accentuated on the exhale.
White Mint - Lastly, we have White Mint, which goes to 11 on the mint scale. This spearmint flavor is so strong you can smell it from the next room! White Mint makes a great mixer and can fill a circus tent with the smoke clouds it produces.
Curious about the other flavors that Starbuzz Bold makes? Check out the below posts for more info. Happy Smoking!

 Starbuzz Bold - The 3 Newest Flavors (This includes Purple Savior, Watermelon Freeze, and Irish Peach)

Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco – New “Code Blue” Flavor

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